Good bye :'(

After years of amazing work with lots of amazing people, on some truly inspiring products, Mangrove Root will be shutting down it's operations in November 2020 in lieu of some changes.

It's founding team, Stephen and Stefania, will continue to help startups in future however, so keep in touch via Linkedin!

Until next time, bye bye & keep safe.

Mangrove Root

Software development & consulting services.

Proven track record delivering software projects with:

JavaScript / TypeScript / node.js / Ruby / Rails


Some examples of previous clients & how we could help them out.

What we do

We have years of experience leading technical teams and building platforms for startups.

Contact us to find out how we can help realise your next project or help build out your startup's technical team.

Based in London. Primarily remote working but available for on-site days where necessary.

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • node.js
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Product development methodologies
  • Tech stack/architecture
  • Setup of dev team
  • Translation and Localisation

About the team

Mangrove Root is directed and managed by:

Stephen Ierodiaconou

Stephen leads the technical consulting and software development work at Mangrove Root.

Previously lead developer at (now part of Helpling GmbH after acquisition in late 2015), and a team lead and JavaScript/Scala developer at zeebox.

Has worked on numerous backend components built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/Node.js and Scala/Netty. Prior to this worked as a front-end developer.

Holds a PhD in image and video processing and compression.

Stefania Gobbi

Stefania helps manage and organise project work at Mangrove Root. Previously a program manager at Microsoft after the acquisition of SwiftKey where she was a language processing engineering and language data analyst.

She has a background in natural languages, performing both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and translation projects. She also has large amounts of experience working on I18n and L10n in software projects.

She holds a MA in Conference Interpreting from the University of Trieste.

Mangrove Root works with trusted partners to deliver projects. We prefer to work with consultants that we know and have experience working with and always try to draw on this pool of resources before subcontracting work out to others.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your requirements!

We are always happy to meet up for a coffee or dial in for a free consultation. We always try to make the meeting useful and give as much advice as possible too! is a platform for build messenger bots and workflows around them. Mangrove Root has helped with numerous features and integration, refactoring and new services in node.js using mongo, Angular and vue.js.

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Opendesk is a marketplace platform connecting customers, designs and makers of furniture. Mangrove Root have helped with architecting solutions to help the company migrate from a legacy stack on to a new one. Mangrove Root has also built numerous web services in node.js with TypeScript and ReactJS. We have also helping with hiring and technical interviewing and configuration and deployment of AWS infrastructure, including on ECS.

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Resi, formerly is a startup building a product which connects home owners to architects who work with the client from design to planning permissions. Mangrove Root has helped them with their platform architecture on Heroku, training and mentoring of junior developers, code review and small feature development on their Ruby on Rails application.

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Working with a strategic service designer, Mangrove Root helped assess the current state of the product development process at the company. Together we gathered insights from the company on everything from tech, product, design and strategy and produced a detailed report. The report collected together all the findings from what was heard and provided our assessment and recommendations based on those.

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